Conquering overpriced textbooks

So I decided to rent a textbook the other day—a new adventure for me—and here’s why:

  1. The book was $80 to purchase….USED;
  2. A new edition is being released in January 2012 (therefore the bookstore would not be buying it back);
  3. Renting was cheap.

Anyways, I went to the link my professor gave me to order the book from the publisher/manufacturer.  Renting was approximately 50 dollars with shipping, etc.  So I decided to go for it—gave them my card number, everything.  Ordered!

Then the bargain shopper in my decided to wake up from an apparent nap and I found places that were much cheaper thanks to

Here, not only do they do a price comparison search for the cheapest book rentals sites, but they also provide a list of discount codes to save you more money.

Even more, after deciding to go with, I Googled “ coupon codes” and found a code that saved me more money than the ones textbookRentals had listed.

All in all, I went from a 50 dollar rental (which I cancelled) to a 35 dollar rental all because I spent an extra minute searching for a good deal.

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